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New Year, Just Me - Coping with Divorce and Separation

11/01/15 - 9:38 pm

It’s well-known that the number of people filing for divorce dramatically increases in the early part of the

New Year. Many couples work hard to get through the Christmas holidays, especially where children are involved, but the New Year brings an opportunity for a fresh start and with this, many people choose to move forward with their lives.

Whilst you may have managed to sustain a happy or perhaps civil aura throughout the festive period, the very nature of separation unfortunately means that stress, conflict and ill-feeling is not uncommon.

The following is advice on coping with separation in the New Year.

The most important thing is to try to agree to maintain good relations from the beginning. This is especially important if you have children together as you don’t want to upset them or cause any unnecessary resentment. It will not always be easy and there may be times where tensions may rub off on children and other family members and friends.

Whilst there is a perception (not helped by the press) that divorces are more often than not conflict- filled and bitter – this is not normally the case. In my experience, the majority of cases are relatively amicable and solicitors work hard in the background to minimise conflict between their clients.

To ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible, it is strongly recommended that you discuss with your partner in the early stages any matters relating to finances and arrangements regarding your children. If you can agree on these matters earlier on, your divorce is likely to progress more quickly and be less costly.

If however you are not able to reach an agreement, family law specialists offer a number of services to assist in resolving disputes such as family mediation, collaborative law and arbitration. It is useful to get more information on these services when you make your initial enquiry to a solicitor.

When choosing a solicitor, there are particular stamps of approval and accreditations you might wish to look out for. Finding a solicitor who is a member of Resolution - a group of family law solicitors who are committed to resolving issues in an amicable way - is always a good place to start. You may also want to choose a solicitor who has been accredited by the Law Society in Family Law.

At Understanding Divorce, all our solicitors are Resolution members. We are committed to our clients and always try to progress a divorce in the most amicable way possible. We have many years of experience and are experts in resolving financial issues arising from divorce, children matters, cases with an international element and dissolution of civil partnerships.

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