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Some clients want to be sure that their forms are correctly filled in and sent to the Court at the right time.

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Our basic support service is here to help you through the divorce process. We will advise you how to complete documents, check and amend them for you and submit them to the Court on your behalf.

We recommend this service if your circumstances are straightforward and you’d like a solicitor to tell you what to do and when.

We will…

  • Contact you to ask you to pay the Court fee to issue divorce proceedings.
  • Let you know when you need to fill in your application for Decree Nisi and help you complete the form correctly.
  • Send you a copy of your Decree Nisi.
  • Contact you when you need to fill in your application for Decree Absolute and answer any questions you may have and help you file it with the Court.
  • Send you the Decree Absolute.

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We offer our basic support service nationally and internationally and we can communicate with you by email, phone, Skype or by post. Prices start from £300 (inclusive of VAT).

If you are unsure on whether this is the right option for you, call us for an initial chat on 0113 201 4904 or complete our online enquiry form. If you choose to use our basic support service and run into complications along the way regarding children or financial matters, you can upgrade to our Full Support service if you need it.

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