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We offer a full support service to take you through every step of the divorce process. We will manage your divorce for you by contacting the Court and filling in forms on your behalf when they are required. We try to negotiate agreements outside of the Court, but if agreements cannot be reached, we will provide effective representation for you in Court.

This service is ideal if your circumstances are complicated and involve money or children, or you simply want to avoid the stress of filling in forms and managing things yourself.

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We offer our full support service nationally and internationally and we can communicate with you by email, phone, Skype or by post.

Our full support service starts from £600 (inclusive of VAT). We provide a choice of flexible payment options to suit your individual circumstances ranging from fixed-fees to hourly rate payment plans or if necessary, we can provide you with information on securing a litigation loan.

If you are unsure about which service is right for you, give us a call on 0113 201 4904 or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll happily discuss it with you.

If you think you are ready to proceed, you can get started today by completing our Application for Divorce form.

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