My husband keeps turning up late for the kids, what can I do?

There can be lots of reasons for this; from difficulties keeping to a strict time because of travelling commitments, to a desire to cause as much anxiety and worry as possible. 

Emotions run high when people separate and sometimes people do not consider the full implications of their behaviour. Trying to take a step back and be pragmatic can be hard.

What may seem like a major problem between you now, is often not a problem at all as you both start to adjust to parenting whilst living separately from one another. You may have a few hiccups along the way but this is to be expected and any Judge will be more concerned with whether or not overall arrangements are working reasonably well and the children are spending time with both of you.

The Court should be a last resort reserved for those cases where there is no alternative. If you cannot sort things out between you, there may be a neutral friend or family member who can help. Family mediation has been established for many years as an alternative process to the Court for those who have disputes relating to children or money to be resolved out of Court. If you decide you want to apply to the Court to have a dispute resolved, you must first attend an appointment with a mediator.

You need to be aware of your options and the likely cost and effect of legal proceedings. It is therefore important to obtain legal advice.

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